Blue Fantasy Screensaver

Blue Fantasy Screensaver

Free screensaver featuring blue fractals and effects

Blue Fantasy is a screensaver featuring beautiful moving caleidoscopic images and fractal effects in various shades of blue. It also contains soothing music for a very relaxing experience.
You can adjust many of the screensaver's features. For example, you can adjust the time (in seconds) you want an image to stay in your desktop, the speed of the effects, and determine in what order you want the items to appear. You can choose between more than 100 effects for the screensaver to appear, like crossfade, several types of zoom, bars, and so on. Also, you can choose the way you want to exit the screensaver: with the mouse movement, mouse button, ESC key or any keyboard button.
Apart from the possibility to turn the music on and off, a very interesting feature is the possibility of creating and using your own playlist, adding your favourite tunes and music. This way you can customize the screensaver even more.
If you love blue color, fractal images and/or abstract images, this screensaver is definitely for you. And it's absolutely free!

Victor Hernandez
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